Our set list is focused on what we describe as 'Dance Floor Bangers' - songs that just make you want to move!

We're huge lovers of soul, funk, and disco, and this drives a big part of our set - with a sprinkling of 'guilty pleasures' from 80s/90s/00s pop/R&B hits, to a few of the current big hits.

Artists we cover include: Stevie Wonder I Bruno Mars I Beyoncé I Earth, Wind & Fire I  Dua Lipa I  The Jackson Five I  Ché-Fu I  Prince I  Diana Ross I  OutKast I  Justin Timberlake I  Lionel Richie I  Kool & The Gang I  CHIC I  Luther Vandross I  Pharelle Williams I  Daft Punk I Michael Jackson I Jamiroquai I Wham! I  Sister Sledge I Queen I Chaka Khan....and many more!

Here's a sample playlist of songs The Hustle performs

our clients include